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"One does not grow old at the table."


the pleasures of good food,wine and company are suchthat the passage of time is suspended.


(TOTO, "Miseria e Nobilita")



phone:  +49 7531 1 57 77


reservations min 48 hours in advance and only possible with confirmation



Mo Fr and Sa: 18-23 h

Tue-Thr: 12 - 14:30 h

       18 - 23 h


Su: rest day

about us

Our story begins back in the 70’s.


It was then that Maurizio Canestrini, a young 21 years old boy, got decision to live from his lovely Italian Apennines’ Mountains and look for a new life.  It was so, that almost by chances, he landed in Berlin. 



Soon he met the love of his life, Sylvia; he got married and had his daughter Olivia.  Only after few years, Sylvia and Maurizio decided to move from the big city to a smaller and more suitable town. 

They moved first in Plön, then in Eutin (small villages of northern Germany). But it was only in 1987, after paying a quick visit to the charming Konstanz, that they found the final destination.  


“Maurizio always tells that that fleeting visit was enough to choose Konstanz as the best city where to move and grow the family”.


Soon after their arrive in Konstanz, and meanwhile the restaurant started to get live, Michelangelo, the last son, was born. 





Since than, when almost thirty years are gone, Sylvia (leading force of the family), Maurizio (beating heart of the kitchen), Olivia and Michelangelo, conduce this genuine and traditional Italian restaurant, proud to have welcome many customers.  






Maurizio, Sylvia and Michelangelo are members of the “Chaîne de Rôtiseur”, an international society dedicated to the haut Cuisine and cultured tableware. 



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